*What is a Free Tour?
It is a guided tour of the main points of interest of a city, where there is no fixed price and where each visitor will pay the guide what he/she thinks is fair once the tour is over. In a Free Tour there is no payment in advance, but it is the client that once the guided tour is over, decide to pay freely the amount of money they consider fair for that service.

The word free in this case refers to the freedom you have to pay what you think the guide deserves, depending on how he/she has done it.

*How Free Tours work?

To book a free tour, simply choose a tour available in the homepage, fill out for free the form, and an e-mail will be sent to you with all the information you need.

*Where is the meeting point?

Since there are many different free walking tours in Milan, it’s important to check your confirmation email in advance to see where to go the day of the tour.

The meeting points are usually centrally located and well connected by public transportation. It is not difficult to find your guide. The guides usually wear T-shirts or umbrella with the company’s name on them.

*How long are the free tours?
The duration of the visit is usually around two hours.
The free tours are usually done on foot, walking through the most important streets and places of Milan. Remember to wear comfortable shoes and bring some water!

*How many people in the tour group? The groups size is unpredictable can be from 2 people in low season/weekdays to 25/30 people in high season/weekends. The tours are usually in English or Spanish

*How much to pay for a free tour?
Well, it will depend on what you thought of the tour and your travel budget. There are people that usually give 5-10€ per person, some other give 20€ or even more.

*How to book a free tour online
It is very simple, to book a free tour in Milan go to www.freewalkingtourmilan.com for english free tour in Milan and on www.freetourmilanenespanol.com for spanish free tour, click on a tour available from the list and fill the form.

Free Tours in Milan

When visiting a new city, one of the best activities is to take a free walking tour. This will give you a great intro to your stay and help you get local tips for enjoying the rest of your time in the city. The tour is free to book, but at the end of it you can decide how much money you want to pay as an optional donation toward guide quality. This way, both you and the guide receive high-quality service.

Milan is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. It is well known for its history and culture, the fashion industry and luxurious shopping centers. If you are looking for a free walking tour of Milan, then you have come to the right place.

There are plenty of options for free walking tours in Milan, but if you want to get the best experience, then you’ll want to book with a local expert. One company that specializes in providing the best free tours in Milan is Free Walking Tour Milan. They offer a variety of different walking tours that will give you a great overview of the city and its history. Whether you’re looking for a general tour or something more specific, they have it all.

There are many free walking tours available of Milan, but the best one is definitely the Walking Tour of Milan by Frog Walking Tour. This tour takes you to some of the most interesting and beautiful parts of the city, and it is led by local official tour guide who will make sure that you get a great experience.

A free walking tour of Milan is a great way to learn about this amazing city. There are many different tours available, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.